Club Myst Taipei – Taipei Video

Probably one of the biggest clubs in Taiwan up to date! www.letsviewtheworld.tv Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anje.lvtw.tv Twiiter: https://twitter.com/anjelvtw Instagram: http://instagra…
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4 Responses to “Club Myst Taipei – Taipei Video”

  1. patwang84 says:

    Nice video, thanks for the impression and info on thing i have to comment!!!

    6:21 “fighting in clubs is not a populair thing here” Well, in which club
    can you fight without having troubles with the bouncers or consequences?
    US, Germany, Japan, all the same unless you go to Brat Pitt´s Fight club
    har har har!

  2. ChaunceyDos says:

    Great video. Informative and very useful. I’m trying to find out more
    about Taipei and mostly the videos are dorky white guys telling dad jokes
    to the camera. Ugh.

  3. Gordon French says:

    Hi. I was in Taipei on April and will be going back there again next year.
    Some friends took me to this place called Barcode and I felt too out of
    place in that club, not my type of place. Do you know any clubs around that
    area that are more casual? Also do you know any clubs that play trance

  4. Andrew Shiah says:

    I tried to get on the pole with my friend, but I’m a guy so I had to learn
    the hard way that I wasn’t allowed to be on the pole haha. Glad you like
    Taiwan :D


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