2014/11/30 Jason Mraz & Raining Jane – ‘YES!’ Tour – Be Honest @ TICC (Taipei) – Taipei Video

2014/11/30 Jason Mraz & Raining Jane – ‘YES!’ Tour – Be Honest @ TICC (Taipei) 不得不說被CUE上台的男子唱得真好,讓人不得不懷疑是暗樁呀哈哈! 音樂真是美好的一件…
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  1. He is one of my friends. we were in the same guitar society in our
    University. I can 120% guarantee you THIS IS NOT A SET UP. He is a super
    big fan of Jason Mraz but also an amazing singer by himself AS WELL! And
    the ones who care about this random guy was set up or not, I feel sorry for
    you that you didn’t enjoy the joy of music but focused on something boring.

  2. This put such a huge smile on my face.

  3. 囧哥太讚了

  4. จากคอนเสิร์ตของ Jason Mraz ที่ไทเป ไต้หวัน

  5. This is like my exact fantasy, to be called up onstage with Jason Mraz and
    sing harmonies with that dud.

  6. This video makes me really happy ;)

  7. I can’t stop smiling as I watch this clip over and over again.

  8. share with you some posts on facebook proving this wasn’t staged

    for those who don’t read Chinese, this guy did brought a shaker to the
    concert cuz he wanted to enjoy the concert. He walked pass the stage after
    going to the loo and Jason asked him to join. He asked him to bring his
    shaker cuz he has noticed the sound of the shaker for a while




    3.史丹老兄在座位上的時候,也會用他的Shaker ,Jason可能已經注意他一些時間了 (


  9. This guy, I can tell you, was no staged, as the fellow said in below.
    He’s also a friend of mine, we collaborated and shared some wonderful
    performing experiences together about 6 months ago. A wonderful singer,
    nice person and a great friend.
    For those trolling on his “being gay,” “being Chinese,” or “must’ve had a
    white gf,” I feel sorry for you. First of all, Taiwan is a country, not a
    part of China. Second, why does his private life bother you? Whether he’s
    any of the above guesses, it’s none of your business.
    Just save the time and enjoy the music! Mraz and he had such a surprisingly
    good time onstage. :-)

  10. Oh guy you had COOL!!!!!

  11. 是囧哥耶!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I can’t stop watching this!!!!! 

  13. Perfect cooperation with a man under stage.

  14. Incredible footage! Similar to this fellow, I was once brought on stage at
    a Celine Dion concert during her final song. You see I had been patiently
    waiting for her to perform “My heart will go on”, and when I heard her
    announce that she would be ending with “That’s the way it is”, I threw a
    fit. My face went purple as I screamed relentlessly at her while throwing
    my weight around in a very aggressive manner. I closed my eyes and swung my
    tree-trunk like arms wildly causing several folks near me to get knocked
    out. People fled from my wrath and pretty soon I was left standing with
    empty space in every direction for about 20 feet, people weren’t even
    watching Mrs. Dion anymore, instead they gazed in horror at the monster I
    had become. I guess I caused a pretty big commotion because Celine stopped
    the performance and asked security to bring me on stage. As Security
    aggressively escorted me on stage, I was so happy I started crying. Here I
    was on stage with one of my idols, tears streaming down my face and the
    blood of innocent bystanders dripping from my arms. It was in that moment
    that I realized this was my chance to show Celine my love. I went in for a
    kiss, but Security pulled me back and locked my arms behind me. She then
    proceeded to berate me, criticize my behavior and tear my self-esteem a new
    one in front of 30,000 people. When she was done, she told security to
    escort me off the premises before she continued the concert. They dragged
    me out to the parking lot and told me if I tried coming back in I would be
    arrested. I laid flat on the ground in the parking lot, I didn’t feel sad,
    I didn’t feel angry, I just felt that something inside me, something very
    dear to me had forever changed. I called Mom, took it out on her and then
    ordered her to come pick me up. Haven’t been to a concert since. Ciao. 

  15. there are 2 possibilities : this was secretly programed, cause the guy is
    singing in a tierce tone”usually in a featuring songs” or the guy is so
    talented that he instantly took a decision of which tone to take. in the
    two cases that was a magical moment

  16. · Edit

    O cantor Jason Mraz convidou um fã para tocar com ele, talento do rapaz
    surpreendeu o músico. Show realizado em Taipei, em Taiwan. Confira!

  17. wow THATS WAS AMAZING!!So cool wow !The asian guy knew how to sing have you
    seen how he is barefoot ?hahaha wow I like they he dances !!So funny so

  18. · Edit

    Really thank you for sharing this!!!! great show!!!!!

  19. Durante um show em Taipei, na China, o músico Jason Mraz resolveu convidar
    um fã do público para subir no palco e cantar com ele.
    O que Jason Mraz não fazia idéia é que o cara tinha talento. Veja só o que

  20. · Edit
  21. Just some guy having the best day of his life, and all the haters not
    getting just that for years.

  22. น่ารัก ชอบสายตาป่า ร้องไปมองไป แล้วเรียก hey man come here
    just be honest with me…..

  23. song name?

  24. WOW. JUST WOW!! Lucky man, indeed! 


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